Mission Statement

What do we do:

We are a local group of dentists with like-minded goals: provide excellent care for our patients and run a profitable practice. How can we do these things and still operate as individual practices? Easy; we provide easy access to specialists for the dentist’s patients, use group purchasing to decrease overhead costs and negotiate with insurance companies to get higher insurance reimbursement rates.

How do we do it:

We have formed an IPA, or Independent Practitioner Association. An IPA is a group of licensed dentist that are contractually joined together to legally share fee schedule information as well as hire a third party to negotiate reimbursement rates with insurance companies’ on the group's behalf. The IPA allows each dentist to own their individual practice and operate independently, but represents a large group when negotiating with insurance companies and companies that provide goods and services. As a large group of dentists we are able to create direct relationships with dental suppliers, merchant service companies, payroll companies, IT services, and a number of other companies. These relationships give access to discounted pricing which lead to a more profitable practice. Additionally, we are actively negotiating with insurance companies for the entire group, and have already begun to see an increase in IPA member’s fee schedules.

Whom do we do it for:

Utah Dental United seeks out dentists with a stellar reputation for dentistry and carefully screens each provider to guarantee we are accepting providers that not only offer excellent dentistry, but also will attest to a higher standard of care. We choose to include local Utah dentists that own their own practice. IPA Members are not part of a corporation owned by non-dentists, or part of a corporation that is not locally owned.

What value we are bringing:

Membership in the IPA allows the opportunity to come together with a group of united dentists who are trying to fix the #1 problem we face practicing dentistry in Utah. The IPA will have no monthly fees or dues of any kind. We will never be involved in owning, managing, or interfering with dental practices in any way. There is also no corporate structure to the IPA with non-dentists collecting fees, kickbacks, or money that you earn in your practice in any form. The goal of the IPA is simple - raise our reimbursement rates while allowing general dentists to maintain complete ownership of their private practice.